GSOC Magic – Story so far

GSOC is a very special kind of magic that was found by a great wizard of all time called Google. Even though I’m an arch mage, my knowledge on this magic is less than I want it to be. It’s time I changed that.

I always had an itch to get into GSOC. Somewhere at the end of 2016, I was browsing through past GSOC organizations and was discovered to GNOME. Even though I was already using GNOME products I didn’t have much knowledge about the organization. I did background research for a few organizations of my interest but for some reason I was liking GNOME more than other organizations. Therefore, decided to be committed to GNOME. Then there was the challenge to choose a project of my liking. However, it didn’t take me much time to find one.

From the day I got a PC at the age of 8 , I was passionate about gaming. As the time passed, turned out I’m passionate about Engineering as well.  Therefore I was always wanting to do something combines these two. So when I was going through gnome projects, I had no doubt which one I should pursue.

With a lot of help from a lot of people through IRC channels, I managed to have GNOME-GAMES through jhbuild. Then I got right into understanding the code base and learning about the project of my liking,  which was Making Nintendo DS a First Class Citizen. I was getting/get a lot of help from Adrien Plazas, the announced mentor and the head of gnome-games. After a lot of hard work, I managed to fix a small bug and it was my first contribution to GNOME and open source in general.

Then it was time to craft my proposal. I didn’t have any experience of making a GSOC proposal as this was my first time trying for a GSOC. I tried to craft a good one to the best of my ability. All I did was just being completely honest and describing my whole learning experience since the day I was intrigued by GNOME.

Currently, I’m further working on getting to know more about Gnome-Games and GNOME in general. Whether I get selected or not, that won’t affect my interest in gnome-games and my desire to be an open source contributor cos this is just fun 🙂


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