GNOME Games : Progress so far

First up, I’d like to apologize for my last post on Planet GNOME. It was published on my blog months ago, where I use a ‘magic’ kind of theme. Well, for everyone’s convenience I’d try my best to to write normal as possible from now on, even though I’m crazy.

Unfortunately, due to my prolonged end examinations, I had a late start to the coding period. However, I managed to complete the first few planned tasks successfully. Newly added (to gnome-games) desmume libretro core is working perfectly fine with Nintendo DS games. But don’t get me wrong, this is just merely runs the game roms. Users couldn’t actually play the games. This is because Nintendo DS has a touch screen and libretro core required to have touch support in order for any game to be playable. Since I was lacking a touch screen for testing, adding support for touch screens was held up a bit. Then as a start, mouse touch support has been added. This means, instead a touch screen, a mouse can be used to play the game. Basically this was done by attaching a mouse widget to the libretro core which translate itself as a touch screen handler.

Sounded like a simple solution right? True, but does this work up to expectations? Well the following screen capture will tell you why it doesn’t.

Even though the inputs are detected, it is extremely hard to control the pointer. and mouse pointer is not gonna be in the same position as the touch pointer. This makes the game practically unplayable.  Therefore, it would be better to handle the mouse to touch conversion ourselves, so that the user don’t have to handle a secondary pointer handled by the core. For that, mouse events that come from the widget should be converted into libretro touch events. With this implemented, mouse pointer will really represent the finger or the touch pointer.

However, this is a bit of a complex task. Initial steps have been already taken and some modifications for retro-gtk parts have also been done. Hoping to finish this up within a couple of days. Stay tuned for the updates 🙂

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  1. I don’t think the “magic” theme requires an apology! It’s your blog, you should write using whatever theme you like 🙂

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    1. Arcane says:

      Thank you Philip! I thought it might not be appropriate. So I was hesitating. But I got my courage back from your comment. Thank you so much! 🙂


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