GNOME Games: Touch Support

Greetings my fellow sorcerers and sorceresses!

Apologies for running a bit late. Had been brewing up some serious potions and not to mention my old nimbus 2000 can’t really live up to expectations now. Almost an antique.  well without further ado, let’s get into explaining you about the spells I’ve been working on.

As shown in my previous post, simply attaching a mouse to libretro core didn’t give expected outcome. However, this problem has been solved now. This is demonstrated in the following screen capture.


Now the mouse pointer exactly represents the touch pointer. This makes the games playable. However, there’s a small problem still. The retro widget used in here takes the whole screen as the input for the moment. Obviously this shouldn’t be the case. This induce some imperfections when playing the game. Sometimes a button might not get pressed when clicked on top of it. This behavior would be visible if you closely look at the screen capture above. As a solution to this, a custom widget which work only in the game’s playable area should be used. Initials steps for this have been already taken, but it isn’t as simple as changing widgets due to several reasons. However, ultimate goal would be to switch into a custom widget.

Well that’s it for today. Just go practice these spells until you master them. Don’t take them lightly, handle with them great care. I’m gonna teach you more really soon. Stay tuned 🙂


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  1. skierpage says:

    “without a further due”
    The proper form is “without further ado”; an ado is a hubbub, bustle, flurry, or fuss. Another common phrase, from the title of a Shakespeare play, is “much ado about nothing.”

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    1. Arcane says:

      Thank you very much for letting me know 🙂 I fixed it.


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